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Cattle & Co

A contemporary interior design and full architecture fit out, for Cattle & Co smokehouse restaurant in Kings Cross London. The space includes a bespoke bar design fabricated from steel, smoked oak timber tables and clay walls.

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Cattle & Co

Location : King's Cross , London

Scope : Concept Design, Detail Design and Construction Assistance

Project Type : F&B

Size : 200sqm

Status : Completed 2016


Cattle & Co, Kings Cross is the first restaurant of a brand new Smoke House restaurant chain. Inspired by the unique smoking process used to flavour the food, we used a palette of dark charred materials to create a potent atmosphere. We designed a bespoke metal bar front, reminiscent of the cooking equipment found behind the scenes. 

At the heart of the main dining space is a 2m x 2m scale model of the Metropolitan Cattle Market that was once located behind Kings Cross.

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Cattle & Co-Kings-Cross-London-Smokehouse-Restaurant-Bar-Exposed-Steel-Interior-Architect.jpg
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Cattle & Co-Kings-Cross-London-Smokehouse-Restaurant-Bar-Grill-Design-Installation-Interior-Architect.jpg

This re-enactment uses 5,000 model cows to convey the scale of the market that once existed near the site whilst creating a focal point for the space.

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