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Goswell Road

The design of a contemporary basement shower room for the Sutton Yard commercial office development in Clerkenwell London. The project also includes a new shop front and entrance design using Granite stone.



Goswell Road

Location : Clerkenwell , London

Scope : Concept Design, Planning, Detail Design and Construction Assistance

Project Type : Office entrance,  Shower rooms and Circulation space

Size : 110sqm

Status : Completed


Works consisted of a replacement entrance, provision of shower rooms in a formerly used basement space and way finding for a 4000 sqm development in Clerkenwell. The ambition for the entrance was to transform an uninviting foyer space with impeded access into a contemporary, uplifting and accessible entrance. A key objective was to create hierarchy and visually define the location of the entrance on the elevation. A flamed and brushed Indian Black stone was selected to form the cladding due to its soft grey tones that are complimentary to the existing red brickwork of the facade whilst having a positive contrast. We worked closely with a highly skilled stone mason to achieve precise detailing and interfaces between materials. Corner junctions were mitred, resined and pinned to created a monolithic and imposing appearance.


Internally, we exposed the existing raw brickwork, adding texture and warmth to the space whilst revealing its history of construction. The way finding is fabricated from raw Grade 275 metal and offset with brushed stainless steel lettering.


We also transformed an unused basement space into a series of shower rooms which serve a neighbouring 7000 sqm office building. Our brief was to reconfigure the existing building to provide access into the basement and maximise the number of shower rooms. Materials and finishes were selected to compliment the main office building and reflect the rental value of the office.