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The Golden Hour, L'Occitane UK

Location : Regent Street , London 

Type : Shop front window installation, Retail

Status : Completed


‘As the day draws to a close, the sky is set alight, embracing all the shades of gold. Beauty is suspended in time as this stunning spectacle reaches its height. This is the golden hour.’

Inspired by the magical Golden Hour of Provence, the installation explores the sensorial relationship between light and smell. Over 2000 Fresnel and Plano-Convex lenses are suspended in space to form a delicate veil that refracts and converges light whilst scent diffusers emit the L’Occitane fragrance Terre de Lumière to create an immersive and interactive experience.

NSA - L'Occitane Regent Street-1 © Nicholas Worley.jpg
NSA - L'Occitane Regent Street-9 © Nicholas Worley.jpg
NSA - L'Occitane Regent Street-11 © Nicholas Worley.jpg
NSA - L'Occitane Regent Street-4 © Nicholas Worley 2.jpg